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An Author from Alaska, with a tale he needed to share,
To entertain and inspire families, from here to elsewhere.

Living in Dublin, Ireland, the place where Lukie was born.
Raising the Tiny Tot Of Justice, was the pledge that has been sworn.

This is one of many adventures and the other one belongs to you.
Would love to hear your tale and the story of your own Lukie Loo.

Let’s connect online, maybe through Twitter or Instagram
My handle is @itschrisbrennan, now catch me if you can.


Ger hankey

An Irish father of six, for real, it’s true.
How he found the time to do this, I really have no clue!

This book was just words and an idea before Ger took the stage.
I may have wrote that Lukie can fly, but Ger had him leap out from off the page.

Not only did he illustrate it, but he did the inks and the colours too.
And we will return shortly, with more adventures of the boy who flew!

In the meantime, Ger posts new work regularly, and I invite you to take a look.
Join him on his artist page, you can find it on Facebook.